Do you know the 2017 Tech Girl Superhero?

Code the FutureĀ is delighted to support the Tech Girls Movement in the 2017 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero competition. The competition is a 12-week STEM entrepreneurship program running from the 1st of May to the 28th July 2017.

During the competition, teams work through 4 modules (12 lessons) with their coach/teacher and assigned industry mentor. Teams of girls from 7-17 years old identify a problem, create an app to solve it, code the app, and pitch their plan to judges all in 3 months.

One of the key deliverables in this program is the working app prototype. This is where Code the Future is excited to be able to support the girls during the competition. We hope that we can connect teachers running the competition at their school with volunteer Coding Mentors from Code the Future.

We’ve made it super easy for teachers to find a volunteer Coding Mentor, simply select the pre-filled ‘Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero’ template when creating a project.

Watch this video to see how easy it is:

Tech Girls Movement is a non-profit organisation promoting positive female Information Technology role models to encourage and raise awareness of technology careers options for girls. The book, Tech Girls Are Superheroes, forms the basis for the campaign.

The Tech Girls Movement goal is to support the development of a more diverse IT workforce, ultimately resulting in better technology for society. They do this by encouraging awareness of tech careers with minds that matter. Tech Girl Movement is particularly dedicated to getting more girls into technology studies and careers.

Sign up at now to enlist a coding mentor for this year’s competition.

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