Coders Creating a Buzz at Uni High

All great products help to solve a current need.

At Uni High, our school beehive has been steadily producing honey for the last 12 months and we have lots of eager teachers to purchase our product. Last year we had a stall and went door-to-door selling our jars but this was not an efficient use of our time. We needed a website where willing customers could log on and purchase the honey. Once this was clear, we were in a position to approach Code The Future and search for a developer willing to help.

Beekeeping and coding seem an unlikely combination but I think in the least digitised areas of life, coding can have a massive impact.

Rhys Sullivan from HUX is a software developer and was excited to come on board with this project. Rhys now comes to Uni High on Thursdays at lunch-time.

We have launched our Code Club aimed specifically at “Galileo” students – Galileo is a term-long program where Year 9s get to direct their own learning. The club has 4 members and they are learning at an incredibly fast rate. Students are discovering the art of coding, working out the functionality requirements for our website and Rhys is giving them the tools to make their vision become a reality.

Like anything, coding takes patience and practice and we are making great progress in turning our vision into a functioning webpage. Before long, the honey orders will come streaming in. This project will give all of my students a massive confidence boost. This project would simply not be possible in so many schools due to a lack of expertise among teaching staff.

Code the Future has enabled students to access a real skill that is specifically demanded in the workforce and that lots of schools are poor in delivering.

It has been a wonderfully enriching experience so far and we feel very lucky to have built a great relationship with Rhys and with Code the Future.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.55.43 PM
Rhys explaining the next step
Rhys, Lorenza, Jose and Annie building the Galileo honey website
Rhys, Lorenza, Jose and Annie building the Galileo honey website
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