Coding in Every Australian School

Good morning future visionary!

The time has come, and you made this happen!

Last night’s significant speech from The Honourable Bill Shorten MP, the leader of the opposition, declared how important it is to teach coding in Australian schools. Towards the end of the speech, Mr Shorten presented a vision for Australia—he talked about a future where coding education becomes a national priority. I think we all agree…

Over the next few weeks, the entire nation will be discussing the pros and cons of a technology literate society. Inevitably most people will reach the same conclusion—the conclusion of yes, coding should absolutely be taught in schools.

So today, I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the wins we have had in persuit of this goal thus far. You, along with almost 300 other developers and teachers from across Australia, are already supporting this movement.

You’re ahead of the times, you’re an innovator and most importantly you’re an influencer. You have a strong voice, and today is the day for it to be heard.

Now is the time to promote the good work of Code the Future. As a team, we need to find every opportunity to promote this cause. So today, make sure you broadcast your ideas loudly and boldly on this topic. Share your vision on our Facebook or Twitter page and help get the word out there.

Let’s Code the Future,

Will Egan

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