Coding in the curriculum ~ A win for Victorian schools


It’s been an exciting week for Victorian education with the recent media attention around the Digital Technologies curriculum.

On Tuesday, Victorian Minister for Education, James Merlino, discussed the ‘new’ Victorian Digital Technologies curriculum that is compulsory in all Government and Catholic schools as of 2017. Since then, the mixed response from parents and the wider community has sparked large debate with The Age reporting that only 1 in 3 teachers are qualified to teach it.

The fact is this curriculum is not so new, it has been available for more than 12 months with some Victorian schools opting to teach it in 2016 and many more experimented with it in 2015. The difference now is that it is being made compulsory, which is also not ‘new’ news to those on the ground in Victorian schools.

At Code the Future, we’ve been leading the way in this space, supporting teachers and schools across the state, hosting meetups, running workshops and attending conferences. In the past 12-18 months, our volunteer coding mentors have worked with more than 1900 children in schools, running classes and workshops and collaborating with and working alongside teachers to empower students to solve real-world problems through learning to code.

Through our projects and access to quality coding mentors, Victorian students have built sustainability and anti-littering apps and games, apps to help school students find lost property, weather stations with arduinos, even autonomous vehicles. Kids learn to do this and more through the three key elements of this ‘new’ Digital Technologies curriculum; computational thinking, systems thinking and design thinking. You can see many of these projects and more here

Code the Future was established to give kids the opportunity to become creators of technology, not just consumers and we think that the compulsory curriculum is indeed a win for our state and the thousands of kids that will get to experience it.

We think this announcement is the best news to start the 2017 school year!

Teachers, schools and coding mentors that want to get involved can register on our website

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