Coding the Future- One School at a Time

Technology is transforming education as we know it but while kids often know how to use technology, they rarely understand how it works.

In a world where we consume more than we create, children of today are literally saturated in technology from birth. We’ve all seen kids quickly pick up how to become users – whizzing through apps, smart-phones and social media so imagine the speed at which they absorb opportunities to design, create and make technology work for them.

When you think of all the imagination brimming from school students, why shouldn’t we give them a technological platform to develop their growing minds? As a non-profit initiative, Code the Future is doing just that – and making great strides too.

Code the Future has been going since November 2014. Working side-by-side with educators and teachers, we place socially-minded volunteer Developers in Aussie schools to teach children how to code. Teachers and Developers work together in the classroom to jointly deliver projects during term time. Developers are either released by their employers (just for an hour a week in a local school) …or they simply give of their own time.

We’re still just touching the surface of the sheer amount of awesome things everyone gets to see and do.

Think about a whole class working together to solve a problem, all contributing with newly learnt skills to wholly produce something truly brilliant – from scratch! How cool would it be to inspire and experience something like that?

Code the Future organisers have been busy coming up with volunteers for local projects and signing up schools across Australia. We have also been busy with our own technology to optimise the way in which we bring Developers into the classroom.

Before we take on the world, our domestic aim is simple… We would love to have open development projects available to every child of school-age and underway in every state, every city and every regional area of the country.

However, we have challenges… we already have fantastic learning technology resources but we need more materials, more Developers in more locations and we need more schools in closer proximity to our registered Developer volunteers!

So, if you can help in any way or you would like to get involved… it’s easy!

Are you a Developer or Educator? Please register here:

Are you an Employer? Could you possibly free up a Developer (or two) for about an hour a week?

It would be awesome to work with socially-minded employers. Picture this… You have a Dev team and there’s a local school down the road. A simple enough vision and therein lies an ideal opportunity to make a difference in your community! If you could free up a Developer or so for about an hour a week to teach kids how to code – you could really help change these kid’s lives!

Code the Future is also interested in corporate sponsorship as well as donations of any kind to our fab cause.

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