It’s official- Coding in Australian Schools

On Friday 18th September the long awaited endorsement of the Digital Technologies component of the National Australian Curriculum occurred. We blogged about this new curriculum a while ago…eagerly waiting its endorsement.

Former Education Minister Christopher Pyne discussed the importance of the new curriculum stating that this is “where students can learn important skills in problem solving and technical skills such as coding, right from their early years.” In his press release he continued “The endorsement of the Technologies curriculum complement the Coalition Government’s investment of $3.5 million over four years in resources that support teaching coding in schools.”

This endorsement occurred only days after the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority published their version of the new curriculum. The Victorian release is heavily based on the National edition with some slight changes, noticeably an emphasis on solving problems using visual programming languages in the early years. This means that students, even in the first few years of school, are beginning to learn computational thinking skills.

This is good news for Australian children and good news for the future of our country.

Coding is now a part of what students learn at school along side and integrated with ‘mainstream’ subjects. Coding in education is not the only win for this curriculum. The focus on problem solving, data and creating digital solutions will ensure that our students are equipped with the skills to succeed in the jobs and economies of the future.

Bec Spink – Co-founder / Director

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