Meet Our Team- John Knight

Have you ever wondered about the people working behind the scenes to make Code the Future successful? Wonder no more.

Meet our team…

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Why did you join Code the Future?

After hearing Will Egan explain that CtF had 7 schools signed up for every volunteer Dev, I was hooked and knew I could help bring that ratio down.  

What are you most proud of with the work of Code the Future?

I think mainly that it’s the common goal to get kids learning code. We’re not in competition with anyone, in fact we’ll work with anyone who shares the same vision as us.

What are your hopes for Code the Future?

In the short-term, I’d absolutely love it if CtF manages to get 10,000 kids coding in schools by the end of 2016. In the longer term it would be awesome to see more female Devs in the workplace and for Australia to be viewed globally as an innovative tech-hub

What do you bring to Code the Future (skills / expertise, etc)?

Contacts… In my day-job as an independent Tech Agent in Melbourne, I know lots of socially-minded Developers. For me it feels so good seeing so many familiar faces from the industry volunteering in the classroom. I also know many business leaders that hire lots of Devs. So I would like more and more firms to incorporate CtF Dev Volunteering as an option in their corporate social responsibility programmes.

Thanks John! 

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